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 Amputee Pictures (female)
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Amputee Laura - 15 pictures
She's from Colombia and a triple amputee
Keleshi, RAK amputee - 30 pictures  
Keleshi is from Nigeria. she is a right ab0ve the knee amputee.
Amputee Camila - RAK / through the knee - 51 pictures   
Camila is a professional swimmer and her boyfriend contacted us with those pictures.
Amputee Yafreisi LBE -40 pictures  
Yafreisi was born as an amputee, here are a few examples, but she made much more.
Amputee Madu RAK from Brazil - 40 pictures  
Madu lives in Salvador de Bahia and those pictures we made during our stay at her home.
Amputee Taina LAK from Brazil - 35 pictures  
Taina lost her leg in a shooting. Those pictures we made from her in Rio de Janeiro.
Amputee Lei from the Philippines - 30 pictures  
Lei is from Manila and a left below the knee amputee

Amputee Shirley from Venezuela - 35 pictures  
Shirley is a left above the knee amputee
Amputee Christine from the Philippines - 25 pictures
Christine is a right above the knee amputee from the province of Cebu
Amputee Eliandra shemale from Brazil - 50 pictures
Many pictures were made from Eliandra is shemale and double above the knee
Amputee Brenda a Belgian right above the knee - 50 pictures
Many pictures and even full documentaries we made from Brenda who lost her leg thanks to thrombosis (blood clot in the vain)
Amputee Bruna from Brazil - 50 pictures
Bruna is an amputee with a single below the knee amputation and some missing fingers.
Amputee Veronique LHD and RBE amputee - 50 pictures  
Veronique is from Belgium, those are the pictures we made from her years ago.
 Amputee Pictures (male)
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Amputee Edilson - 40 pictures  
Edilson is a high right above the knee amputee.
Amputee Kenneth - 30 pictures  
We made those pictures in Fort Lauderdale, USA. Kenneth is an above and below the knee amputee.
Amputee Jailton - 50 pictures
Jailton is from Brazil and a left below the knee amputee
Geronimo a German left above the knee amputee - 50 pictures
Many years ago we made those pictures from Geronimo during his visit on Belgium.
Fantasyman Jorge multiple amputee - 15 pictures
Jorge was a multiple amputee. Many people knew him.
 Pretender Pictures
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Amputee pretender Silvia - 45 pictures
Silvia from Brazil likes to pretend different kind of amputations.
Amputee pretender Cindy - 41 pictures  
Cindy is a pretender from Belgium, here you see her with her boyfriend.
Amputee pretender Tina - 40 pictures
Many years ago we took those pictures from Tina, who is a Belgian pretender.
Amputee pretender Daniel - 25 pictures
Many years ago we made this set from Daniel from Belgium who is a pretender.
 Other Pictures
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Isha - Short feet from the Dominican Republic - 15 pictures
Her right leg is much shorter
Mary - Short Feet from Nigeria - 40 pictures  
Her right leg is much shorter.
Arlinda - wheelchair - 20 pictures  
Arlinda is a disabled model in the wheelchair from Brazil
Plaster Cast model Frank - 250 pictures  
This set we made in Belgium, near old castles.
Plaster Cast model Evelyne - 35 pictures
Left full leg fiberglass cast.
 Amputee Alex

Alex LBK
left below knee
188 pictures

Alex LAK
left above knee
222 pictures

Alex LAK Fingers Toes
left above knee and more
29 pictures

Alex RBE
right below elbow
25 pictures

left and right ak and more
351 pictures

double above knee - RBE
360 pictures

Alex in the Philippines
triple dak - rbe
110 pictures

different plaster casts
445 pictures

double above knee - RBE
329 pictures
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Madu - Full Movie HQ
45.09 minutes

Bruna - Full Movie HQ
27.15 minutes
 Cartoons & Graphics
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Amputee Love the comic from 1975  
This comic is very hard to find an prices right now goes up till $180. Here is the full scan of this unique cartoon about amputees in love.
Graphics by Maurice  
Maurice is a French artist. Here are his paintings from Peggy, an amputee.

Cartoons & Graphics by Amputee Alex  
All cartoons made by Amputee Alex about the figures Dr. Schneider & Dr. Schmitz, both wannabe surgeons. Also about Napoleon, French actor Louis de Funes, Asterix and many others.

Cartoons by Adder
Adder is a French artist and made graphics from the amputees Julie, Miss Delors and Sylvie Nathan.

Cartoons by Facundo
Facundo is a artist from Argentina, here are his amputee graphics.

Graphics by Mombi  
Mombi was the presentatrice of Ampulove in many movies, but she also made some amputee oriented graphics.