Meet Amputee Alex

Many years ago it was possible to meet Alex from Ampulove and so many did.
Now 2021 it will be possible to meet him again if you want to talk about subjects as amputees, devotees and wannabes.
Ampu-Love and Amputee Alex were the first ones on the internet that started to come out about about the existence of devotees and wannabes. Many devotees and wannabes discovered trough Ampu-Love that they were not the only one that were attracted to Amputees, or not the only one who want to have a limb removed.
If you want to meet Alex, a trip to Albufeira, in the South of Portugal will need to be made.

The city of Albufeira

How to reach Portugal - city Albufeira?
The easiest is flying into Faro (South - Portugal) or through Lisbon, the Capital of Portugal.
If you fly into Lisbon, there are trains that go straight to Albufeira.
Where to stay?
Mostly visitors can stay at the place of Amputee Alex, if he don't have visitors over.
If not, we can help you with a very nice hotel.

Portugal location in Europe

What is the meeting price?
The price is between 50 and 100 / day, depending on the planning.
The planning do not include sexual activities and if you have sex in mind, then better stay home.
What is include in the meeting?
Hours talks with Amputee Alex, trips, city visit, beach visit,... even travels to other cities if you want.
Can you make pictures and films from Amputee Alex?
Yes, you can, but we ask a copy and you can not use the materials for commercial use.

Albufeira in the South of Portugal

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Location of Albufeira