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Don't care about what you lost,
Care about what you still have.

last update: Monday, January 24, 2022

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Welcome at Ampu-Love.

Ampulove is already 23 years online and was the first website on this planet that came up with information about and for wannabes and devotees. People who want to become an amputee and people who are attracted to amputees. Many of them found out through this site that there exist a name for their feelings and that they are not the only person on this planet that like amputees or want to be an amputee. 

Ampu-Love contains Information about and for Amputees, Devotees, Wannabes; Then there is 'The Directory', with thousands of well sorted totally free amputee pictures and also Comics and Cartoons; Model Sets totally for Free; Amputee Articles; Forum; Amputee, Devotee & Wannabe Stories; And... much more.

Ampu-Love's Model Sets goes Free!
If you are looking for all the model sets who were for sale in our shop? We are moving them to the pictures and movie section. They are now all for Free!.


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