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Movie of the Month: BBC documentary Horizon - about BIID / wannabes.


The full Horizon documentary about this case - 49 min. 30 sec.

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Ampulove is already 23 years online and was the first website on this planet that came up with information about and for wannabes and devotees. People who want to become an amputee and people who are attracted to amputees.

Many of them found out through this site that there exist a name for their feelings and that they are not the only person on this planet that like amputees or want to be an amputee. 

Ampu-Love contains Information about and for Amputees, Devotees, Wannabes; Then there is 'The Directory', with thousands of well sorted totally free amputee pictures and also Comics and Cartoons; Model Sets totally for Free; Amputee Articles; Forum; Amputee, Devotee & Wannabe Stories; And... much more.

We are Extremely open minded!
Ampu-Love (love for amputees) is very open minded for the subjects devotees and wannabes. People who like amputees and people who want to become an amputee.
If you don't feel good with that, better just leave :-)
Ampu-Love was invented by Amputee Alex, a triple amputee (no legs) and one arm. You can read his diary, you can find more about him and Ampu-Love on the who is page and much more from him can be found here.

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Latest News on Ampu-Love.

We have the new edition from Amputee Love, the comic from 1975 online. 36 pages with an introduction. Now available on

This underground comic, about a female amputee and her lovers is featured in Paul Gravett’s book The Leather Nun and other incredibly strange comics and was displayed as part of Comica 2008 in the concourse gallery at the ICA in London.
It is hard to get hold of, but a friend of mine, Roz, who deals in rare books and maps tracked one down and delivered it to me in a plain brown envelope! A unique comic for devotees and wannabes.
Made by an Amputee, it is a great way to discover this unique style from what was made only one edition and are sold on Ebay already for prices up till 200 us dollars. Available at:

The death letter from Yves, we received
a few days ago...

This is the very sad news we received a few days ago about our good friend Yves le Morvan. A French wannabe / devotee friend from France, who lived in Belgium. Yves was for many years the sponsor behind Ampu-Love and we met him a few times in his apartment in Brussels.
As a wannabe he wanted a below the elbow and a hip amputation, but he unfortunately never reached his goal. Yves was also the figure in the comics from Dr. Schmitz and Schneider, made by Amputee Alex and available in our picture directory. As the figure 'Yvan la Morphine' he plaid the rich devotee and wannabe Frenchman.

Yves died almost six months ago and we found it out through a friend from him. Since we didn't received any news from him, we searched his contacts and received this news.